Running a business is very tiring considering all the calls that you have to make and even hearing phone notifications while sleeping. But you need to take a break, and clear your head for awhile in order to function at work with the highest level. After work, it is important to shift your routines and separate home from work, regardless if your office is technically your living room. Whether it’s cueing up an episode of your favorite TV shows, pampering yourself with a good shower or relaxing bath spa, or bond with your family, everyone has a routine that helps them recharge and strengthen themselves to get ready for the next day.  Ecommerce Platforms

Check out how these entrepreneurs manage to recharge themselves after a long day’s work:

1. Grab a snack and unwind.

Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founder of BaubleBar, tells us her evening routine includes some leisure bonding on the couch with her boyfriend which includes watching TV shows or movie while having a snack. She said it is important to have those moment where you don’t actively check on work and just you clear your head for awhile.

2. Learn something new

Jeff Chapin, co-founder of Casper, tells us his evening routine includes watching Game of Thrones, or non-fiction books to keep learning new things and how the world works. Most of things he read are about science, technology, design and sometimes history.

3. Get ready for the next day

Matt Ehrlichma, founder of, tells us that every time he comes home, he set aside aside his work and just be a great dad and husband for a couple of hours. He see to it that his kids have gone to bed and continue working at home to make sure he’s set to go for the next day. Learn more about POS

4. Clean out your inbox

Richard Pleeth, founder of SUP, tells us that he likes to keep in touch with his  97-year-old grandma every night to check how her day was. His evening routine also includes finishing all his emails because he like to operate inbox zero, which he considers as a really healthy way to work. And ends his day by reading blogs on his phone and catching up with friends.

5. Take a look in the mirror

Jerrod Blandino co-founder of Too Faced Cosmetics, tells us his evening routine includes taking a shower every night to wash the day off and a good 25-minute for his beauty routine. He said it is important to identify yourself for the things you’ve accomplished to remind you of who you are and how grateful you should be for it The Guide to Inventory Management for E-commerce Stores

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